Saturday, February 14, 2015

Astral Tailor

            The audience attending the debut of Astrid Andersen’s Bespoke Collection may have been dressed in more fur than the models in Andersen’s new luxury-fur heavy collection.  Unveiled last night  in the appropriately luxurious yet hip Standard hotel overlooking New York City’s Hudson River as apart of the A/W 2015 New York fashion week.

The designer has been a leader in progressive men’s wear with her genre bending Avant-Garde street wear inspired collections that present fresh forms of masculinity.  The show was sound tracked by thumping hip hop, a constant source of inspiration for Andersen, and presented a kind of cross-gendered “big pimping.”
Imbuing hyper masculine garments with feminine colors like coral and almost couture level craft. Astrid Andersen Bespoke , a capsule collection predominantly of outwear, marks the designers first foray into true luxury.

Although she has  often used fur in the past here Andersen partnered with Kopenhagen Fur “the world’s largest mink auction house.”Offering a new direction in fur design ; Andersen  rewrote  the standard and usually conservative use of the material.  I came patterned and in bright shades as coats and festooning baseball caps in long dark red strands. Used as ‘sweat shirts’ fur was emblazoned with Andersen’s signature use of bold branding and her  ubiquitous  hip hop-samari- NASAian logo.

Far from a “fur collection,” the material appeared along side equally progressive ready to wear style garments, like jogging pants and sweaters, in nylon and wool. These fabrics came in similar patterns and colors, as well as being coated, treated and a particularly interesting kind of silver.

Bringing the street to luxury and luxury to the street. Astrid Andersen Bespoke traverses styles and what is expected of the designer and the genres.

Make Up Artist

"I am a deeply superficial person"
                                                        -Andy Warhol

"I never think that people die. They just go to department stores" - Andy Warhol
And it would seem Warhol was right, in a way, at least for himself. 

Warhol  and as a legacy is no stranger to fashion and image, he worked as as a commercial artist for fashion companies, used mass medias images and made screen tests, his work has been used in fashion by Stephen Sprouse, a friend, as well as having his
 CampbellSoup can painting  having been used in dresses.

  But now the Nars Cosmeticshas partnered with The  Andy Warhol Foundation to produce a collection of make up inspireby Warhol. Featuring images of Warhol's work  as well as naming products after  his Superstars. 

A  eye shadow/blush pallets are  called Debbie Harry,Edie Sedgwick and Beautiful Darling,after Candy Darling,the names of gift sets, and the list continues. One could see this collectiondishonoring Warhol, taking him from the museum and art world into a mass market product, but truly it is a perfect breeding Warhol becomes even more POP and glamorous than he already was.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Deficiency or absence of something. In psychoanalytical contexts, this usually entails castration anxiety, but any number of other lacks have been proposed. The French ” manque” means “lack” in most expressions except for Lacan’s manque-à-être.

"MANQUE-À-ÊTRE": Lacanian term for what he called a "want-to-be," a species of desire in which the individual wants to be the other which he perceives as lacking in himself.

In French "Garçon Manqué" is used as "Tom Boy" , a girl who acts and presents very masculinely

Manqué is the begging of REALNESS.

Manqué Magazine is interested in filling that lack, use it to explore the desire and fantasy of fashion, art and culture.

Manqé Magazine is edited and created by Robin Newman, a curator/artist/stylist and former contributing writer to Dossier Journal and The Wild magazines.