Friday, February 13, 2015

Deficiency or absence of something. In psychoanalytical contexts, this usually entails castration anxiety, but any number of other lacks have been proposed. The French ” manque” means “lack” in most expressions except for Lacan’s manque-à-être.

"MANQUE-À-ÊTRE": Lacanian term for what he called a "want-to-be," a species of desire in which the individual wants to be the other which he perceives as lacking in himself.

In French "Garçon Manqué" is used as "Tom Boy" , a girl who acts and presents very masculinely

Manqué is the begging of REALNESS.

Manqué Magazine is interested in filling that lack, use it to explore the desire and fantasy of fashion, art and culture.

Manqé Magazine is edited and created by Robin Newman, a curator/artist/stylist and former contributing writer to Dossier Journal and The Wild magazines.

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