Saturday, February 14, 2015

Make Up Artist

"I am a deeply superficial person"
                                                        -Andy Warhol

"I never think that people die. They just go to department stores" - Andy Warhol
And it would seem Warhol was right, in a way, at least for himself. 

Warhol  and as a legacy is no stranger to fashion and image, he worked as as a commercial artist for fashion companies, used mass medias images and made screen tests, his work has been used in fashion by Stephen Sprouse, a friend, as well as having his
 CampbellSoup can painting  having been used in dresses.

  But now the Nars Cosmeticshas partnered with The  Andy Warhol Foundation to produce a collection of make up inspireby Warhol. Featuring images of Warhol's work  as well as naming products after  his Superstars. 

A  eye shadow/blush pallets are  called Debbie Harry,Edie Sedgwick and Beautiful Darling,after Candy Darling,the names of gift sets, and the list continues. One could see this collectiondishonoring Warhol, taking him from the museum and art world into a mass market product, but truly it is a perfect breeding Warhol becomes even more POP and glamorous than he already was.

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