Tuesday, March 10, 2015


“Disco spirit” was the theme of Nicopanda’s F/W 2015 collection and debut presentation at New York Fashion Week. Designed by Nicola Formiechetti following his stint as creative director of Mugler   as well his prolific career as a  fashion editor and arguably the  ‘shaper’ of Lady Gaga’s image, Nicopanda is now in its second season.

The “disco spirit”translated into clothes that,like a styled outfit, combined elements of flamboyance, sports, luxury and futurism.  Something akin to anime ran through the collection and during the fantastic presentation video that artfully combined anime with static and other images played on flat screens.

Like a club in 2026, as one attendant described it, the presentation fused rave style light and decoration with futuristic elements like mirrors and said videos. Models stood on platforms in sporty and decadent ruffled neoprene that felt both like a a couture version of an  Adiddas  sweat suit. Custom made lace embroidered with Formiechetti’s doodles again used a luxury element in a off kilter way. 

Most striking though was the area of the presentation that felt like an incarnation of a fashion editorial and an as art instillation. Here a model dressed in a blue wig, a blue gown sat atop a blue been bag like a genie, truly possessing the aura of a disco spirit, with all its glamorous and spiritual connotations.

Models dressed in black and white, wearing white  bob wigs, stood under a heart shaped arch like playful but  ghostly spirits .